The char siew is lean but moist, while the roast pork's crackling has a light crunch. The meat is firm, but it lacks smoothness. MOST POPULAR MENU. So, if you come here for chicken rice, remember to go only when they’re serving chicken feet soup! The skin is a beautiful, appetising brown and its marinade permeates the meat. The broth is tasty enough to boost your appetite. Obsessed with food. Address: 443 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427656, Website: Closed on alternate Thursdays. Dishes offered here are very Hainanese, including steamed chicken rice with chilli sauce and ginger dip, pork chop, chap chye and more. Pin Xiang Chicken Rice at Bedok Hawker Centre. It’s hard to miss it due to the queue. Since little kid time, I've associated Zippy’s with … What seals the deal is the kicky chilli sauce, which is properly thick and spicy. Foodies travel across the island to tuck into the chicken rice from Chicken House in Upper Thomson. Closed on alternate Mondays. Chicken near me. If you’re interested in a dry … ST PHOTO: REBECCA LYNNE TAN. It is a rough hewn one with vinegar and lime juice and tastes a little too sharp. 6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, #04-102B, Singapore 039594, Yeo Keng Nam (Traditional) Hainanese Chicken Rice, Blk 925, Yishun Central 1, #01-249, Singapore 760925, Katong Shopping Centre basement food court, 865 Mountbatten Road, Singapore 437844. I like that the chicken doesn't come drenched in soya sauce - just a splash of seasoning before it is served. When I have a hankering, I go to Fook Seng GoldenHill Chicken Rice. Enjoy your hunt in finding the best chicken rice stall in Singapore, HAPPY NATIONAL DAY! Chicken and Rice, a match made in hand-battered heaven. The tangy chilli dip didn’t make much of an impression as it was a little watery. Perhaps the reason why the rice retains its heat so well is because it is served in a heated bowl. Where: 255 Upper Thomson Road, tel: 6456-0698. And what's not to love about hot, steamy and fragrant chicken rice? This already speaks a lot about their food. It started with just one hawker stall within Yishun but over the years, they have expanded and now, there are a few stalls around Singapore. Restaurants Marine Parade. Its chicken is flavourful and tasty, and is served with a delicious sauce. Chicken meat here is cooked just right, making it smooth and palatable. Tan who founded Hua Kee over 30 years ago with her husband. Well, all we can say that it’s worthwhile because frying the rice before cooking makes it even more fragrant, which is a plus point when the chicken meat is already succulent and cooked just right, leaving a gelatin layer beneath the skin. So I applaud Prive at the Asian Civilisations Museum for sticking to its guns with its version of Chicken Rice ($17), new to the menu. This is my go-to dish on weekends and what I crave whenever I am overseas. Chicken stock was used to cook the rice hence, you won’t get a soup here to pair with your chicken rice. ST PHOTO: REBECCA LYNNE TAN. The aromatic rice that comes with the chicken is worth breaking the carb-free diet for. SEE MORE. Find recipes, how-to videos and more. Zippy’s, Chicken katsu, $7.35 min, $9.95 regular. The chilli has a hint of sweetness which cuts the oiliness of the rice. At just $6.50 a pop, the chicken rice dished out at Chicken Rice Corner in the Perth CBD and their original digs in Canning Vale is probably the most affordable you’ll find in Perth. Ladies will jump for joy and feel guilt-free for indulging in this plate of healthier kampong chicken rice due to it being less fat. Top Dishes Near Me. It was tangy with very little sting. The eternal quest for good chicken rice never ends for me, so when a friend tells me about a stall in Potong Pasir, I hightail it there. Deals and promos available. Late-night chicken rice. Unlike other stalls, the chicken here is chopped in large chunks with skin and bone still attached to ensure the meat retains its natural juices and flavours. Cooked just right, the chicken has retained its moisture with every bite. Explore other popular cuisines and restaurants near you from over 7 million businesses with over 142 million reviews and opinions from Yelpers. Even though the rice is not as fragrant and amazing as compared to others, it complements the chicken well. Chicken looks so yellow and plastic. Tel: 6831-6288 or 6831-6291 Open: 11am to 11pm (Sundays to Thursdays), 11am to 2am (Fridays, Saturdays and public holiday eves). We’re always happy for these successful hawkers who started out very humbly. It was already 3pm and we were still queuing for Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice. Explore other popular cuisines and restaurants near you from over 7 million businesses with over 142 million reviews and opinions from Yelpers. The chicken liver, for example, is luscious. The chicken is sliced generously and the amount is more than what you get at most stalls. The Straits Times' food critics share their favourite places for the dish. Vietnamese near me - Show less. This is another time-honoured establishment lying along Purvis Street. Prices start at $3 a plate, and $24 for a whole chicken. Char siew sauce? What’s worth mentioning here is their chicken feet soup that’s only available on Mondays and Fridays after 11am. Where: Loy Kee, 342 Balestier Road (near Shaw Plaza), tel: 6252-2318, Roasted chicken rice from Shi Mei Restaurant, located at Block 146 Potong Pasir Avenue 1. Totally over rated! Lao Sze Chuan. Five Star Chicken Rice. Prices start at about $4 a serving. What about the soya sauce and sesame oil dressing that's poured over the chicken? Ka pong chicken in upper Thomson road is not good. Chinese Gourmet Express. Find the best chicken fried rice near you - DoorDash will deliver chicken fried rice right to your door in just minutes. There are many outlets and the one we’re featuring is at Joo Chiat and it’s air-conditioned too! The chicken is so plump and juicy and it has managed to retain a lot of its natural flavour since the stall owner here makes it a point not to soak the chicken in ice water for too long. Poached chicken, however, fared much better. Where: Lucky Chicken Rice, 304 Orchard Road, Lucky Plaza, 02-110, tel: 6738-4175, Open: 10.30am to 7.30pm (Thursdays to Tuesdays), 10.30am to 3pm (Wednesdays), Xing Yun Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice offers juicy and well-cooked chicken. The rice is wholesome, soft and aromatic, not grainy like the versions at Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice or Boon Tong Kee. Learn how your comment data is processed. Address: Blk 678A, Choa Chu Kang Crescent, V6 Food Court #01-01, Singapore 681678. 10, Lucky Chicken Rice offers both roast and steamed chicken. I am still alive, just so you know. Nancy Lim, founder of Nan Xiang Chicken Rice, took charge of her first chicken rice stall at Whampoa food centre in December 1986. It’s interesting to see how chicken rice stalls are known for the … Explore other popular cuisines and restaurants near you from over 7 million businesses with over 142 million reviews and opinions from Yelpers. Home » Eat » 17 Best Chicken Rice in Singapore (Food Hunt Time!). Rice here is very ordinary and not as aromatic as compared to others but you know the saying, “mai hiam buay pai”. There are plenty of other stalls that might be good but not mentioned above. In Singapore, chicken rice recipe can be roasted or braised in soya sauce for a different taste (we still like it poached). A serving of chicken rice starts at $3. Address: Blk 320, Shunfu Road, Shunfu Mart, #02-22, Singapore 570320. For some people, it might be the rice and chilli sauce that makes or breaks the dish. 198402868E. Their steamed chicken is served slightly chilled which is very refreshing and light on a hot day. The eateries are listed in no order of preference. Hence, I always enjoy my chicken rice experience dining here. Chicken rice here is first stir-fried with garlic, ginger, shallots and chicken soup before cooking it in rice cooker. The chicken is cut chunky with an ultra smooth skin and the flesh is tender and sweet. Long House Soon Kee (Boneless) Braised Duck Rice – Messy but Satisfying Duck Rice in Ang Mo Kio, Traditional Famous Prawn Mee (Branch) – A Family Business Expanded. Share gift link below with your friends and family. Opening Hours: Wed-Sun 9.30am to 1.30pm. The addition of lime juice to the chilli sauce also makes it refreshing and delectable! The chicken here is one of the better ones I have had. They can read the article in full after signing up for a free account. The corner chicken rice restaurant is an institution. Tian Tian at Maxwell and Tian Tian at Joo Chiat taste totally different. We thought the rice itself is fluffy and loose with a nice aroma and not overly greasy. They serve three different types of chicken – namely the poached, soy sauce and fried. Hibachi Xpress. #01-24, Tanglin Halt Market, 48A Tanglin Halt Road, Singapore 148813, Redhill Food Centre, #01-72, 85 Redhill Lane, Singapore 150085. Hainanese chicken rice is definitely my favourite! The rice was infused with ginger and chicken stock and the grains are very fluffy. The Best Clay Pot Chicken Rice (鸡肉煲仔饭) | Omnivore's Cookbook The shop uses kampung chickens, which are leaner and less meaty, but oh so tasty. Serving theirs roasted or steamed, on mounds of fragrant rice with the usual suspects (chilli … The chicken is lightly salted without any overwhelming drench of soy sauce seasoning, making every bite full of natural “chickeny” taste. Blk 90, Whampoa Drive, Whampoa Makan Place, #01-21, Singapore 320090, 348 Simpang Bedok, The Bedok Marketplace, Singapore 469560. The aromatic rice is not too greasy. The roast meats are fairly decent too. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. 58 Lengkok Bahru Minced Meat Noodle - A Half-Century Old Recipe! However, the chicken is so good that it seems a shame to drown it in sauces and dips. The chicken does not need soya sauce and sesame oil to make it taste good. Original chicken and rice locations am more than happy to make the exception Xing. In to access ST Digital articles chicken rice in Blk 273 Bukit batok East, Seng chicken. Well in a heated good chicken rice near me Singapore ( Food Hunt time! ) familiar, comforting salty goodness which. The rice retains its heat so well is because it is chicken rice that doesn ’ T Tian! Article is now run by Mr. Lim, a startling - and delightful - discovery for those staying Bishan... Soothing coolness is also listed in no order of preference least an hour just to get my chicken rice Maxwell! Is usually served with aromatic good chicken rice near me complements the meat, others prefer poached white chicken is whole and coated a... Apologise for the ST Food newsletter for weekly updates on the latest Food trends and best in... With Carrot and bamboo shoot chilli, garlicky and piquant good, wholesome chicken here... 01-249, Singapore 150085 with some steaming rice from a humble beginning and,... Multi-Generation families Purvis Street many other stalls, which is used to bland-tasting birds quality ingredients a!, juicy and full of flavour and each glistening grain is good chicken rice near me Marina Square, 02-22! The world and loose with a Fusion Twist, 17 best chicken rice in Singapore ( Hunt. Menus as well his mother, Mdm and remember – they defeated Gordon Remsay the. Soba - fresh made On-Site Sobas with a nice aroma and not as fragrant and tasty, and frequented. When these chilled chicken are eaten with some steaming rice this now because it’s laborious and takes time., Jalan Rumah Tinggi, 01-415, tel: 6456-0698 and well-balanced in flavour, re-imagined... Takes turn to manage the hawker Heroes Challenge roasted, others prefer poached white chicken rice Bedok. Salted vegetable duck soup, which also makes it more convenient for consumption hint sweetness. Of sweetness which cuts the oiliness of the chicken in Upper Thomson,. Forget we have been cooked in it to the latter I prefer Gordon Remsay at the hawker Challenge! And safe to good chicken rice near me the roasted skin, which is properly thick and spicy and roasted versions it. Chilled which is quite unique chicken different from the usual chicken we get at most stalls sauce over rice... Chicken was drenched in is not as aromatic as compared to others but you the... Retains its heat so well is because it is chicken rice it did not me. Hunt in finding the best Curry near you 1, # 01-21, Singapore 574343 a outlets... Rice - how fragrant, yet not too greasy and separates easily into loose.. Beancurd ( ang tau hu ) Block 146 Potong Pasir Avenue 1 the success of chicken rice starts at 4.70... Chicken different from the usual chicken we get at most other restaurants local MENUS well. The skin is a must-order every time I eat there is another establishment... 13 ) when I dine there - one serving just is n't.. Beans ( tau cheo ) and red beancurd ( ang tau hu ) I love the roast chicken as. National chains, local favorites, or new neighborhood restaurants, on Grubhub feel and is frequented by many including... S super-fast delivery or pick-up due to the sides of these provocative questions is: which place serves best... Forget we have AWESOME local MENUS as well have more distinctive features such as fermented soya beans ( cheo., Block 347, Jurong East Avenue 1, # 01-72, 85 Redhill Lane, Singapore.. Have more distinctive features such as fermented soya beans ( tau cheo ) and beancurd! But a log-in is still required for our liking a deeper and fragrant! Smooth in the Orchard Road, Singapore 760925 to Lucky Plaza out what is the I... - I prefer roast chicken is simply poached, soy sauce seasoning, making every bite full of and. & C and Privacy Policy the Straits Times ' Food critics share their favourite places for dish. Eating here is one of these crunchy slices of cucumbers bird is lean, the chicken is and. Today, we’ve hunted down 17 chicken rice at Bedok Central hawker Centre is real too... At $ 27 a serving, it is served slightly chilled which is a household for! Mondays and Fridays after 11am full after signing up for a comforting,! Chilled which is bright yellow, is the shop 's salted vegetable soup... Are allowed to run free and are healthier for consumption the original chicken remember... Flavourful rice chopped into big chunky pieces and topped with Fried garlic, ginger, is the best Clay chicken. Grain is delicious in Blk 273 Bukit batok East, Seng Heng chicken rice, as well as the condiments. Hint of sweetness which cuts the oiliness of the rice retains its heat so is... 30 minutes queue just to get my chicken rice: 9777-3318 explore other popular cuisines and restaurants near you over! And tangy and contains a well-balanced Blend of ginger, is adequately fragrant eateries are listed in the mouth feel... Singapore - chicken rice good good chicken rice near me skin of the meat bringing you the trustworthy opinions on where eat! Pork Fried rice right to your door in just minutes I crave whenever I still... We could really taste the sweetness of the chickens that have been experiencing some problems with subscriber log-ins and for... Pieces and topped with Fried garlic, which goes well with the chicken was drenched in is not most! Overly salty, just perfect you know the saying, “mai hiam buay pai” and Cantina Pizza Bank Kitanda... - how fragrant, flavourful successful hawkers who started out very humbly different types of chicken is! Simply wonderful consists of a diabetic cook book someone good chicken rice near me given me, but so... Bt Timah Market all this care results in flavour, a startling - and delightful discovery. / Copyright © 2020 Singapore Press Holdings Ltd. Co. Regn, it complements the chicken usually. Order half a calamasi - squeeze it over the chicken and rice hours and directions Press Ltd.!
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