Weight: 66 - 88 pounds (30 – 40 kg). Height: Males 26 - 28 inches (66 - 71cm) Females 24 - 26 inches (61- 66 cm) Weight: 66 - 88 pounds (30 – 40 kg) A "Warlock" Doberman is a term given to Dobermans which are larger than the standard size the kennel clubs have placed on the breed. Dobermann, Doberman Pinscher, Dobie. Dobermanns are one of the most recognizable breeds, both because of their actual roles in society and media stereotyping. On average an adult female is about 65-80 lbs and an adult male is about 80-95 lbs. 32 to 35 kg. There are full-grown Dobermans who at their ideal weights are 50lbs and others 90lbs. Everything must be on the human’s terms. Male Doberman Pinschers have a withers height between 26”-28” (66-71 cm) and a weight in the range of 75-100 lb (34-45.4 kg). Also prone to skin issues, bloat, hip dysplasia and congenital heart defects. Between 32.7 and 42 kg. There is also a solid white color. * Graf Belling v. Grönland - first registered Doberman, * Blitz from Road Rovers In the USA ears are usually cropped to stand erect (cut at the age of about 12 weeks). Also, consider that the European Doberman … It was immediately a big success. The exact ratios of mixing, and even the exact breeds that were used, remains uncertain to this day, although many experts believe that the Doberman is a combination of at least four of these breeds. The AKC has its own standards, as do some other countries, although most still adhere to FCI standards. * Zeus and Apollo from Magnum P.I. Dobes can be good family dogs if the alpha role belongs to the human and if they receive enough exercise, are well trained and are socialized with children. His ideal weight was about 85 pounds, but at times he verged closer to 100 pounds. Weight: 75-100 pounds (male), 60-90 pounds (female) The Doberman Pinscher, also known as Dobermann, is a medium-large working dog that originated in Germany. Will do okay in an apartment if sufficiently exercised, but does best with at least an average-sized yard. Dobes are very cold sensitive and are not outside dogs. The color of the almond-shaped eyes is various shades of brown, depending on the coat color of the dog. google_color_link = "ff6600"; Our work is not Public Domain. At proper weight, you should be able to see his ribs a bit especially while he is moving or stretched out laying down. Broken tail is often a self inflicted injury caused by the Doberman enthusiastically wagging its long tail, regardless of the objects it is hitting with it. Height, Weight. color as the typical black with rust markings. The breed is believed to have been created from several different breeds of dogs that had the characteristics that Doberman was looking for, including the Pinscher, the Rottweiler, the Thuringian Shepherd Dog, the black Greyhound, the Great Dane, the Weimaraner, the German Shorthaired Pointer, and the German Shepherd Dog. GENDER: WEIGHT. That’s a pretty big range for both male and female Dobermans. According to a study done by the U. S. Centers for Disease Control, the Doberman is involved in human dog bite-related incidents less frequently than many other dog breeds. Learn to handle the dog properly, as Dobermans can become stubborn and willful if allowed to have their own way. Dobermans are even now, and once more extensively, used in police work and in the military and are top fighting dogs if trained properly. The Doberman … Females: 60-90 lbs. //-->. Pros. Before anything else, you should know about a full-grown German shepherd’s normal milestones. * Rothko from "My Wrongs 8245 - 8249 and 117" The breed is named after its originator (shortened by one n). Talk to your vet and see if he/she feels your Dobie is underweight. These standard weights are only an indication and weights may vary. Dominancy levels vary, even within the same litter and the breed’s temperament will vary greatly depending on how well the owners understand canine behavior and how willing they are to take the time to provide what the dog instinctually needs. Our female Doberman, KC, is 33 inches tall with a slender skeletal build, narrow … The coat comes in black, black with tan markings, blue-gray, red, fawn and white. Weight: 30-40 kg. I hope he does not have it and that I have many more great years with my boy.". A male Doberman should stand 26.5 to 28 inches (68 to 72 cm) and weigh between 89 to 100 pounds (40 to 45 kg). The top of the skull is flat, and turns into the muzzle with a slight stop. * Luka from Garfield: The Movie You didn't mention his height (at the top of the shoulder) if he is on the short side for a male then he is probably at a good weight. Height: 26-28 inches (male), 24-26 inches (female) Weight: 75-100 pounds (male), 60-90 pounds (female) Life Expectancy: 10-12 years. recessive allele, produces what is called a Generally speaking, show animals must fall within the ideal range of both size and weight (for that country's breed standard), but it is not unusual to find male Dobies weighing over 100 pounds or females that are also larger than called for by the breed standards. The kids playing at the park love to come up to pet him and he is very gentle and patient with them. I think we can all agree that it’s difficult to figure out the best way to take care of your dog’s health. 3. This dog is long and lean with a signature wedge-shaped head and natural athleticism. Prone to possible cervical spondylitis (wobbler syndrome) due to fusion of neck vertebrae and compression of spinal cord; possible inherited blood disorder (Von Willebrands disease); obesity in middle age. Height and Weight: According to the AKC breed standard, a Doberman bitch's shoulder height is between 24 to 26 inches, and weight is between 65 to 75 pounds, while the male stands between 26 to 28 inches at the shoulder and weighs between 75 to 85 pounds. Determined, bold and assertive while working, they are very adaptable, highly skilled and versatile. Every dog is different. Max is an example of a Doberman with a natural tail and ears. The other gene having the recessive allele, while the first one retains the dominant, produces the blue (gray) Doberman, whereas the least likely combination of both color genes having recessive alleles produces fawn, which is a light tan color, often called Isabella. HEIGHT. The American Doberman Pinscher’s weight is 75 to 100 pounds (34 to 45 kg) for males and 60 to 90 pounds (27 to 41 kg) for females. The process involves trimming off part of the animal's ears and then propping them up with posts and tape bandages, which allows the cartilage to develop into an upright position as the puppy grows. A "Warlock" Doberman is a term given to Dobermans which are larger than the standard size the kennel clubs have placed on the breed.